J.D.& Associates (JDAS) is international one-stop shop with global reach,that will patrner with your organization from the early stages of a project inception and strategic planning to the practical on the ground protection and support. Our unique combination of services including turn-key risk mitigation solutions and relevant training options, keep you out of harms way and your bussiness up and running even in the most volatile environments.


               Our operational center is located in the southern part of Europe, and serves as a hub to facilitate a high-end client prtfolio,that seeks for comperehensive services like logistical support, contingency planning, travel security and Executive Protection in Greece, Russia, Israel, Italy and neighboring countries.


          We can cater all your security needs but we pride ourselves for the vast experience in tailoring super low profile Executive Protection programs for frequent travelers,integrating seamlessly with your objectives and standards og practice. We work in advance to lessen complexities using an unparalleled network of contacts, delivering services from the elite to impossible!

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