Training at sailing  SAILING YACHTS

Training at motor  the MOTOR Training YACHTS on sailing katamaran.

Training at VHF Radio Operatorrabota With the SEA RADIO SET (RADIOMAN)

Training in yachting at yacht school!

You on our website — and it, undoubtedly — your first step to the world of absolute freedom, to the world of opening and adventures, the world of pleasure and joy – to the magic world of yachting! At our school you acquire the rights for the yacht!

 Training in yachting at yacht school of Yachts is carried out by a special technique which will allow anyone to complete courses of yachting and from 100% a guarantee to master sea craft of control of sailing and motor yachts and to acquire the international yacht rights and certificates. The main task of professional instructors of our yacht school when training in yachting — to give a maximum of knowledge and to create the friendly, sincere atmosphere onboard the yacht, to befriend and rally all crew for comfortable development of management science by the yacht.