The professionals of  Euro Yachts rental are dedicated to providing the ultimate private yachting vacation tailor made to the needs and demands of each client.      


We have a deep knowledge of the yachts and crews as well as the cruising grounds. Our portfolio of yachts are all selected for the extremely high standards they are able to provide and are regularly monitored with respect to the high levels of their operating performance, their condition, their quality and their crew’s skill and professionalism. With each client, every charter is handled personally, attending to all of the details that will ensure in every respect a personalized cruise. Euro Yachts rental has earned the utmost trust of their clients which is clearly proven by the repeated bookings over the years. Euro Club Yachts was established in 2007.  


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Our goal - to realize your long-standing dream holiday on a yacht into a reality! Thousands of people around the world have found their happiness! Now is your time! 

Have you been dreaming of a sea cruise on a snow-white yacht, but do not know how to realize his dream? You consider this adventure a daunting task? Afraid that the organization of this holiday - a troublesome and time-consuming? 
In fact, everything is very simple! Consult www.euroyachtsrental.сom - and we will turn your dream into reality.
What people appreciate most in our modern world? Of course the same time! Nobody does not want to spend half a day on the road to the tourist office and back again, this time can be devoted to more pleasant things.
Euro Yacht Club also keeps up with the times! Especially for your convenience, we have developed on-line booking service for yachts, which will allow you to book any boat of your choice, and most importantly, choose an individual route for you!